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Presence of the Iran’s Tourism Information Representative in China (Guangdong) International Tourism Industry Expo 2016
China (Guangdong) International Tourism Industry Expo is one of the considered expo in the world that provides a business platform in the travel industry market. This year’s expo was held from 9 to 11 September in Guangzhou Permanent Fairground. The expo composed of three halls titled Local Agencies, Provinces in China and International in which Active companies in different fields of the tourism industry from 120 countries and other activists in this industry came together.


In Hall1, due to the high number of visitors for the around the world travel package with significant discount and competitive rates, there was no possibility to respond to all even by hundreds of officers in the Tourism Offices. This number of visits placed Guangdong Province at the first rank in the country's tourism income.


Tourist Attractions of provinces in China were being introduced in hall2 that did not welcomed by more visitors in comparison to the hall1 and hall3.


Reports from the expo showed that more than 50 countries from 5 continents were in hall3.


During the exhibition some Asian countries such as Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, and Japan attracted more visitors with various performances, and countries such as Russia, Turkey, and Egypt, well-known destinations in the world, had a greater chance to attract their clients.


Guangdong province with the highest rate of tourism income has high potential for exchanging tourists to Iran. Because touristic destinations in the Middle East including Egypt, Syria, Jordan and Yemen are unsafe for Chinese tourists; more efforts are of high importance to attract those Chinese tourists to travel to Iran. We need to spend money to promote the tourism industry, and relevant organizations can benefit from the help of Consulate General of the Islamic Republic of Iran and cooperation from the side of tourism office in Guangdong province to reduce costs of travelling to Iran.


We see that despite the richness of Iran in cultural and tourism attractions, it is an expensive place to travel because of some prices such as ticket and hotel. According to the reports from the expo, price of traveling to some countries were as follows: 15 days trip to America (15 thousand yuan), 13 days trip to Kenya (16 thousand yuan), 8 days trip to Egypt (5888 yuan), 12 days trip to Russia and Ukraine in 3-star hotel(9999 yuan), 10 days trip to Spain (9999 yuan), 6 days trip to Dubai (3999 yuan), and 9999 yuan for 10 days visits  in Dubai in Hotel Hilton, while only a round-trip ticket to Iran is about 5000 yuan.


In this year’s expo, with the efforts of Consulate General of the Islamic Republic of Iran, booth of Iran with the title of “ Iran Tourism Information Representative” was in an area of 18 square meters, three open sides, in hall3, and reports showed that distribution of promotional items such as brochures, books and CDs and providing additional details about the cultural attractions and tourism destinations had an important role in attracting visitors.

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